I am Gabriela Ramirez. Half Mexican and Half Gaditana, a perfect mix of Chili and Levante!

I started documenting weddings full time 7 years ago after graduating with a Degree in Photography and Digital Media. It is such a fascinating adventure.

So far I have had the opportunity to photography some very different weddings in many different cities of Spain as well as in Mexico. Every wedding has been a learning experience for me on so many levels; every couple, every family has its own way of life, their own way of enjoy the moment and externalizing their emotions. There are always surprises. It is precisely for these reasons that I love when that spark occurs, more a feeling than reason. And this is what is what my photography is all about, searching for that moment, observing and capturing of the “emotional core”. Hunting the moment!! Such Magical Expression.

Alberto Garcia-Alix once said: “Looking is Being”. So I do not wish to write anymore about myself. This is about you, your exciting adventure and the history that you and I will create together. My wish is that you see the pictures of your wedding, and they take you on journey across a sea of ​​memories within your heart, enabling you to relive every special moment of joy, tears, and laughter, and also helping you to feel again all the emotions of your magical day.

I’m ready with my mind, my eyes and my heart to go wherever you go.