WEDDING PHOTOS IN TARIFA. (From Holand to Tarifa)

“We hoped the photos would be a reflection of our special day, just as it was, without static, posing photos, and we feel you did that so well…! We are super happy with all the photos, so many, some so intimate, all so nice and reflecting how we are as a family. When we look at the photos we are immediately taken back in those intimate moments from that day.

 Gabriela, we really enjoyed you and your work, you are such a happy spirit! You love what you do and that shows in your work. And your smile made us smile, thank you for that! Partly thanks to you, we had the perfect wedding day, we would do it all over again in this way.”








“We are divinely to see how precious are our photos. We liked a lot and Marta has excited a few times. The slideshow is beautiful with the music. The work you do is very good.

And really we have to thank to you what you have done for us. We just have to say, you’re amazing!!!”









WEDDING PHOTOS IN TARIFA. (From New York to Tarifa)

“We just wanted to say again what an absolute pleasure it was working with you. You brought such a lovely energy to the 3 days of celebration and seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We are so happy that we had th chance to work with you.

We love our wedding photos and the slideshow. Thank you so much for everything!









WEDDING PHOTOS IN TARIFA. (From London to Tarifa)

Her relaxed, calm and light-hearted demeanor and sense of humor brought such a level of peace and ease to us, which was bliss after a very busy week of preparations back in London. The fact that she spoke fantastic English was icing on the cake.

Many of our photos were taken when we had no idea she was even taking them.  Nothing felt uncomfortably posed or formal. I can’t describe what a gift it was to have Gaby capturing every emotion-filled moment in the most creative way possible.  Simply stated, she brought our wedding to life, and for the photos she gave us to remember it by, we will be forever grateful.  We hope she’ll be our photographer for all of the milestones in our life from here on out!”







WEDDING PHOTOS IN TARIFA. (From Germany to Tarifa)

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! WE LOVE YOUR FOTOS! They are dreamable and outstanding beautiful. Especially the atmosphere gets through both days! All of our friends shine in their best moments.

We are grateful to have your pictures as a lifelong memory of this special day.  You did a fantastic job at our wedding! What we loved was the way you captured natural moments instead of the usual artificial wedding photos. You truly produced great pieces of art. You captured all the important moments. It’s a pity we didn’t book you earlier on Friday to take pictures of the Bus ride and the arrival of the guests. It was very nice chosing you.








WEDDING PHOTOS IN TARIFA. (From London to Tarifa)

“WOW !!!!!!!! Just great !!! Billion thanks !!!! It has taken a while to see all the pictures and the slideshow, which we love! The packaging is beautiful and the printed photo … really, what emotion!

And in response to your note, thank you very much to you for having captured so so amazing our wedding day, your were a 10 (and have received much praise)! Really billion thanks !!”










“Thank you very much for the gift you offer us… After seeing the photos we have confirmed that we were right to choose you full. We love them…. and thanks for the extra photos!

Again congratulations for the reportage. We will recommend you to anyone who asks us.”